Cosmic Crop Dusters Acoustic Demos:

Internal Combustion


Blues Jam In E

Skyquake Acoustic

Wandering Vine Acoustic

Flobie Schtick

Daydream Excerpt

Slip 'n' Slide


Humble Roots

Stormy Monday

Stormier Monday

Electronica Samples:

yes, the cosmic cropdusters are primarily a guitar band, but they have roots in all kinds of vintage analog and digital gear as well.

Renewable Sounds <-> Emotional Recycle <-> Magic Sands <-> Free Sheep <-> Interleaved Fabric

Perpetural Motion Wheel <-> Polishing Cannon Fears <-> Uneven Yen Surface <-> Wet Wings Forgive Air

Yesterday I Saw a Chair <-> A Slice of Cold Life <-> Scotch Tape Tofu <-> Gone From My Space

Restless Ribbon <-> Fog at the Solar Panel <-> Relinquish the Tension